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    What is DatingwithWisdom? is a holistic approach to dating.
       Who is John McMullin?
John McMullin is a Holistic Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, author, publisher of the quarterly magazine,,founder of Journeys of Wisdom, Inner Achievement Methods and Holistic Coaching Institute. Watch the Video! John McMullin provides tips, suggestions and an alternative view about dating – different from the typical or popular methods. Want to answer the “Questions to ask yourself”? Click the link below to watch this powerful 10 minute video on Video

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A Different Approach to Dating

Have you noticed how many folks of all ages are using the internet to meet their next heart throb?

Dating sites allow us to submit our own profile as we scan other profiles to match our values. Perhaps we expect that the vital statistics about their age, profession, and interests might give us an idea of their eligibility. Some of the information not available includes why they left their last relationship,and in what way they have sabotaged previous relationships with other people.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What are your expectations of yourself in relationships with others?
  • Have you noticed trending information about your personality that displays your reactive behavior when you get angry?
  • What are the things you like and dislike about your relationship with others?
  • Do you give yourself away to make the relationship work?
  • Can you define intimacy beyond sexual or sensual connection?
  • Have you clearly defined commitments for yourself regarding healthy limits and boundaries, values, and the level you are willing to invest in your own development emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?
  • Do you avoid conflict or have you learned the protocol of fighting fair?
  • Do you know how to romance another person without expectations or seduction?
  • Have you noticed the predictability of past relationships and how they begin with infatuation and finish with shame-blame, fear or anger?
  • Have you noticed how you make your partner responsible for your joy and then feel trapped?
  • Have you noticed your defended heart and the challenge of trusting anybody?
  • How long do your relationships last before they become toxic?

Questions to ask in regard to your partner(s):

  • Have you noticed the patterns of feeling angry about your experience of their behavior?
  • Are you aware how your partner expressed reactive behavior by attacking or retreating?
  • Did you notice behavior that seemed arrogant and/or pathetic?
  • Did you feel helpless to change their experience of what you represented to them?
  • Were you surprised or blind-sided to learn about their secrets and loss of integrity?
  • Did you feel confused or overwhelmed from loss of control?

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